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Hello there. It's been a while, since the last update, hasn't it? I understand some of you are getting impatient, but please afford me the chance to explain the situation, here.

Straight to business then, shall we? Idano has been dormant because of many factors, including me enrolling in college, me getting a job, and me starting a different project that I have more fun doing than I was having with Idano. To name a few. Juggling college and work and maintaining two comics simultaneously is not an easy feat, and with how much time I spend on making each page for each of my projects, a feat that requires 100% of my awake time, completely dominating any semblance of a personal life I may or may not have had. Nobody wants to do all work and nothing else, so I felt the need to put a pause on at least one of the two things that I could afford to pause.

The choice wasn't very hard, I won't lie. For a while now, Idano has weighed on me mentally, making it started to feel like a chore, which is something I never hoped would happen. So, in light of that, I decided to take an extended break until I feel the inspiration to work on it again.

I will be very clear here; I love Idano. I love my characters. I love that you love them. That said, Idano is not going to be abandoned, so just keep a passive eye on it if you wish. I will update it again with a new page eventually. Please continue to be patient, do not accost me on deviant art, tumblr, or anywhere else I might be to tell me to "hurry up." This comic has always been FREE to read, and will stay that way for the forseeable future, and I feel I have every right to put it on the shelf from time to time for however long I deem necessary.

Once more, thanks for sticking around. I have no idea when I'll put out a new page, but I hope I'll see ya when that happens. :)
PhantomCat, January 26 2014 08:57 pm 0 comments

Getting a bit repetitive, I know.

Hello, my lovely readers. I hope you are all doing well.

I'd like to start off this news post with an apology. I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while, and without notice. Some things have come up in my personal life that have prevented me from having the time, energy, and motivation to work on new pages. I don't really want to go into detail about what's been going on, so suffice it to say that I'm doing what I can to figure out something that meets the demands of both my personal life and my webcomic shenanigans. I'm sorry for the lack of new pages, please bear with me.
PhantomCat, April 18 2013 01:36 pm 0 comments

You Suffer for my Procrastination.

I have no good reason for why there's no comic this week. :D;
I started two new pages last week, but then I put them down and proceeded to procrastinate endlessly, so for that, I apologize. I'm pretty bad at this schedule business, hahaha.

Anywho, yeah, stuff.
This week's page will prolly be out next week, cos I suck. C:
PhantomCat, March 20 2013 02:36 pm 0 comments

And she's back!

Wow, man, three months later.

Felt pretty good to work on this baby again. Hopefully we won't run into anymore interruptions for a long while. Assuming everything goes smoothly, updates will resume their normal schedule of Wednesdays.
Sorry for the hiatus. I'll do my best to not let life get in the way of something that I love so much again. :)
PhantomCat, February 06 2013 05:59 pm 0 comments


So like.
I'm hoping to be back on track for Idano soon.
I'm beginning to get my muse back I guess.

Actually, thats a lie, I just need to distract myself and working on it seems like the best way to get my mind off things.

Bleh. Hopefully I'll have something for you guys soon.
PhantomCat, January 21 2013 06:04 pm 2 comments

It seems to be becoming a habit. Temporary hiatus

No comic again this week, because I suck and I didnt draw it yet.

And I kind of dont want to because I hate this story now. C:
I'm ready to move on to something else kdfjvhd
I will finish this arc thing even if it kills me, cause I dont want to leave you guys hanging and once I get it over with, everything will be pretty rad once more and I'll probably stop procrastinating on finishing the pages so much. I may not update next week either, so I can try to build myself a nice pile of thumbnails at the very least, and if possible, complete some pages to replenish my buffer, which has been empty since 5ever ago because between this comic and real job land, I don't have time to make more buffer without making you people wait a while. So like. Temporary hiatus. Sorry. I'll most likely be regular with this again in two or three weeks, if not sooner. If there are still no updates by then, just wait longer. Sorry again, but I dont blame you if you unfave this comic.
PhantomCat, November 14 2012 12:59 am 1 comments

I was on a podcast

And you dudes can check it out if you want. :y

Here you go.
PhantomCat, October 23 2012 04:00 am 0 comments

Hey, guys

I'm sorry for the not-update today, I'm having a weird situation with changing my schedule to accommodate my new job, so I really didnt have time to work on it between job, sleep, and an injured wrist. I might be changing update days to Tuesday or Wednesday, to give me extra time to rest for a day and then have two days to draw. I'll give you the new page as soon as I finish it up. I plan on working super hard on it tomorrow so you can have it at least by Wednesday morning; We'll see how it goes.
In other news, I've been looking around to set up an independent website for this comic, so that might be a thing here in the next few months, maybe. I'll keep you posted if and as I figure stuff out. In the mean time, expect the Smack Jeeves site thing to get a facelift soonish? Yeah.

Also, I did this.

Just for the heck of it? I dunno, I thought it would be pretty... Something. So like, you should vote for Idano cause that would be rad and stuff.

Hope everyone is having a cool week. You're neat people. :)
PhantomCat, August 28 2012 12:49 am 1 comments

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