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September 18 2013 07:00 am

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You could at least pretend to be enjoying the show, Regent.

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I'm really bad at making lyrics so I borrowed parts of a poem by Robert Frost from the public domain and put music notes around it.

Arent I creative? Also, look, Lester grew up to be adorable kdjfs
PhantomCat, August 26 2013 01:40 pm Reply

Advertisement, October 23 2014 11:05 am Reply

I was totally trying to sing the song you have up there. But i gave up like half way.


Scott Pilgrim provides sheet music...

@GabrielsThoughts: Sheet music is not what I needed.

@PhantomCat: your profile pic <3

I realize I'm rather impatient, and that you can't rush perfection. Sadly, I've long outgrown my love for Pokemon and Sponge Bob, as you have brought something new and miraculous into my life. Therefore, I ask that you consider updating at least once in a blue moon, but what I'm really hoping for is a thanksgiving update.

You have enchanted me with your creation of fluffy wuffy pollyaural sasquatchy sloth people on the planet of living marshmallows and giant birdmousies. You have impressed me with their tasteful nudity and bright shiney colors. And, lest I forget, the drama is worthy of the soap opera network and deserves an award.

Please consider updating this marvel once more. We miss you...

Where is the next button.
I am not amused.


This comic is kind of a big deal. Regardless of PhantomCat's life, I hope she/he never make's his/her last Idano comic.

So Romantic <3 Oh This Cute Couple <3 I SHIP THEN FOREVER!!! Good Luck On The Next Page. I'll Be Waiting For A Month. XD

I just found this by accident...where is the rest????? It's so beautiful...same as the pmd RAD comic :)

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