November 20 2014 12:54 am

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First of all, I'm sorry to get your hopes up as far as an update goes. Technically, it's still an update, but not a continuation to the story I had going on up until this point, but I feel the need to put this here where all of you will see it, as the news section tends to go unnoticed.

So, a lot of you have come to the site of my other comic, RAD, to ask about Idano. Please don't do that. If you have a question referring to the future of Idano, you can post it here. I get emails every time a comment comes up, I read them all, I will know when one of you has put something here.

Now, the thing you all have asked about is when Idano will next have a story update. Let me explain to you, I am in college full time, and I have a job. My schedule is extremely busy at this point in time, and being as I am working on a different webcomic at the moment, I literally do not have enough hours in the day to write, draw, and manage two separate webcomics simultaneously.

Let me explain why I am choosing to work on RAD instead of Idano.
RAD is planned out sufficiently so that I know where I'm going with it. It has a working story that I am happy with, characters that I like and enjoy drawing and writing for, and it's overall relaxing for me to work on. Now Idano, I had no specific game plan at all from the very start. It started on a whim one day, and I though I would be able to one-shot a complex story(or several) and make it work. I was mistaken in this, and one large reason I stopped was that I stopped enjoying what I was doing with it. DOn't get me wrong, I still love these characters, but the predicament I threw them into is setting up to be nothing but drama and stress for the rest of eternity, and I am not prepared to deal with that. I am rewriting Idano from the ground up, very, VERY slowly. I want this comic to be fun for me, and interesting for you, and I apparently achieved one of those things with the story we've been on all this time. I do not want to work on something that I hate working on. I don't want to make a comic that feels like a chore. The world has not been explored even remotely enough to gather that it isn't Earth, when that should have been apparent from the get-go. Every character interaction in the plots here is filled with melodrama and melancholy, and I have no idea how to write that in the long term. This chapter specifically, people are always either fighting, or being sad pandas. This gets SO tiring to write, you guys, I am not mentally capable of doing it and keeping my sanity.

All that said, Idano will update eventually. It could be in a few months, it'd more likely be in a year or more. Keep in mind, I don't get help with my endeavors. Every comic I have ever made has been me, and only me. That's an enormous burden to carry, especially with so many of you expecting updates, but frankly, my education and my mental health come before anything.

At least one of you has told me that you thought I was giving this up because my Pokemon comic is more popular. FOr anyone else that might feel that way, I want to be very clear that I work on my Pokemon comic because I want to and that is litterally the end of it. It's helping me grow as an artist, as well as storyteller, and being disciplined to stay on a schedule. Working on RAD will help me in the long term to do better justice to Idano, when I eventually get around to it.

I hope this is an adequate explaination for you. Please, for the love of God, stop asking about it on RAD. I get emails when you comment on Idano, so I know every time you post here. If you must ask, please do it here or through a private message, so I can keep the discussion going on for my other comic relevant to that comic, not this one.

If you feel you must unfavorite my comic, please do it. I won't feel bad if you do. Thank you all for your continued support and interest in this project, and I hope I see you around when I reboot it.

TL;DR: Idano is on hiatus until furthernotice because life sucks and days are too short. In the process of a VERY SLOW reboot, might take a few years, stop asking about it on my other comic.
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Yes, yes life is magical. No more complaining about corporate interests getting in the way of genuine creativity etc... etc.

You'll continue updating __eventually__ because you can't continue working on something you consider a chore and your love of Pokemon is so devout that you already planned random access data for the one comic and ended this one with butt hurt for the time being.

I like fanfiction myself so I could care less what you're creating as long as your creating something. However, my unspoken preference is for Idano as you've captured my interest with an extra terrestrial romance that ensnares the imagination with cognitive complexity, creativity, and forethought.

I can assure you I pretty much enjoyed Pokemon until my 26th year, because it was what was available for both fantasy and escapism on television. There were something like 50 episodes a season and I rarely ever saw reruns.

The following video should be adequate to express my feelings on this matter...


cool I really thought this went without saying, but now I know your being heckled I guess it should be said:

These webcomics should, in the end, be for your own personal growth and enjoyment. We, as readers, enjoy your work. As such, we should be able to positively criticize you and share our enjoyment. But, in the end, your art is about you. I think its correct to tell the audience about haitus or if you expect a slow down or stop in comics, but you should never feel obligated to do something payed or otherwise if you do not feel the returns justify the work.

I understand on what your saying. I hope you will be successful in getting you collage degree. I can wait as long need be, so that this comic is rebooted. I wish the best of thing for you and see you next time.

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